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  • Hallett Cove Business Awards

    The inaugural Hallett Cove Business Awards concluded on June 30. The results were outstanding – over 70 businesses nominated and over 800 votes. The winners were awarded at an exclusive cocktail style event attended by over 100 business owners, professionals and community leaders. Deputy Mayor Ian […]

  • How Much Deposit do I need to buy a house?

    Here’s an article from Member Marie Soliman, Home Finance Broker: How Much Deposit do I need to buy a house? This is one of my frequently asked questions and it all depends on the lender. Most lenders now lend up to 90% of purchase price, there are still a couple that will go up to 95%. So you need […]

  • Local is the New Black

    Shop Local Campaign Hallett Cove Business Association is proud and excited to launch their ‘Shop Local’ campaign. Thanks to a grant from the City of Marion we are aiming to help small business in our local community by providing awareness and knowledge to local residents and helping support their […]

  • Spotting a Dodgy Email

    6 Ways Of Spotting A Dodgy Email Email is an excellent way of communicating and figures suggest up to 196.3 Billion emails are sent every day! Unfortunately just over half of that figure is reported to be spam. One wrong click could allow a virus into your computer, cost you money or have your […]

  • NBN available in Hallett Cove

    Check your House today Want to find out if you can get the NBN connected to your house? Need to know how to get connected? Read through the information here then use the link below to find out if your house is on the service list. nbn™ and your business Australia’s digital economy demands a […]