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About Joining

We are a group of like-minded people, passionate about supporting and growing local business. With the support of Marion Council, the Hallett Cove Business Association is excited to be inviting local businesses to become members and enjoy the benefits of networking, training and community support. Hallett Cove (and its surrounding suburbs) is home to many businesses from many different industries. The aim of HCBA is to connect these businesses – in order to support each other, we need to learn about each other. We will be encouraging use of this website and its directory not only to members, but the general public as well.

Membership Details & Benefits

Financial Year Membership – Renewable in July of each year

Investment of $120 per annum

Membership Benefits:

A listing in the Business Directory on the HCBA Website

An introduction of your business on HCBA Website & Facebook Page

Exclusive membership deals on training seminars & events

Access to business support through the Cove Civic Centre

Information on government funded business projects that may benefit your business

Network with a wide range of professionals who could be of benefit to your business

If you would like to know more contact us Click Here